Monday, November 4, 2013

Craft Stick Scarecrows!

Originally posted November 8, 2011

I saw an idea similar to this over on So cute!

Ours were made with:
  • craft sticks
  • felt
  • googly eyes
  • tacky glue
  • cardstock
  • marker

Here's how we made them:
  1. Before we began the craft, I had cut out the hat, hair (about 7 small rectangles), and nose from felt using different colors.
  2. We started by cutting out a square from cardstock and gluing the sticks onto it to keep them sturdy & together.
  3. The boys then took turns choosing which color hair and hat they wanted for their scarecrow. We glued the hair on first, then the hat.
  4. Next, we glued on the googly eyes & nose and drew a mouth with a black marker.
  5. Later, I glued a ribbon on the back so we could hang them up! (not pictured).
They're hanging up in our kitchen & the boys love them. Best of all: they were SO easy to make!

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