Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Easy Kite Craft for Kids!

Our final Kite-themed activity was making this easy kite craft!
This was a joint effort by LB(3) AND LL(1) and myself.

How to make it:
  • Out of a piece of white paper, cut out a kite shape.
    • Let your child paint (we used watercolors) their kite however they desire (this was LB's job)

  •  Get out another piece of white paper and have your child paint it however they desire (this was LL's job, AND her very first time painting! She loved it.)

  • After the papers have dried, use a hole-punch to make a small hole in the bottom corner of the kite.
  • Cut a long piece of yarn (however long you want it for the kite string), and tie it through the hole.

  • Out of the other sheet of painted paper, cut out 3 (or more) bow-shapes. Start at the top of the kite string and tie the yarn around each one, working your way down the string.

There you have it!


2 comments : said...

this is making me ready for spring. I Have 2 toddlers and this will be great once weather gets warmer. Thanks!

Meredith Amand said...

I love your adorable kite craft and I'm featuring it on my blog this week.Thanks for sharing your ideas!