Monday, January 7, 2013

Pencil Box Party Favors

I made these fun little pencil box party favors for LB's 3rd Birthday party a while ago.
They were easy as pie to make and everyone loved them!

Here's what you do:
  • Buy some inexpensive, plastic pencil boxes--these are the kind that slide in and out, and snap shut with that little button.
    • Stock up when school-supplies go on sale! Or just keep your eyes open for these on clearance racks throughout the year. (I actually found these ones last January on sale for 10 cents each at an office supply store. I wasn't sure what to use them for but I couldn't pass up 10 cents.....and just knew I'd figure out a fun way to use them!)
  • Cut out long strips of scrapbook paper and wrap one around each box, securing it with a piece of tape. 
  • Cut out squares of another piece of scrapbook paper and stick it to the front with double stick tape.
  • Cut out a square of white paper and write (or print out) a thank you/party favor message for your guests.

  • Then, INSIDE the box put the party favors! 
    • I put a small activity book, some crayons (a bundle of crayons with a small strip of scrapbook paper taped around it), and candy (all of which I got on clearance or free with coupons nonetheless. VICTORY!!)

  • Once the boxes are all filled, place them in a big bucket---easy access for each little guest to choose a box to take home at the end of the party! 

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Lydia Bridges said...

Wow! They're very cute and very colorful too. -