Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Compliment Hearts - Family Activity

Here is a fun activity we did for Family Home Evening a while ago. This has been one of my favorites! It's super easy and was really fun & uplifting to think about all the things we love about each other. :)

Here's what you do:
  • Cut 3 hearts out of different colors of felt OR paper.
  • Put each persons name in a hat and have everyone draw someone's name.
  • Have someone stand on one of the hearts, and the person that drew their name says something nice about them.
    • We used the 3 colors of hearts like this:
      • Yellow - Say 1 thing that person does really well (ie. "He is really good at playing football.")
      • Pink - Say 1 thing you love about that person (ie. "I love how he makes me laugh.")
      • Blue - Say 1 thing you can do to show you love that person (ex: "I can share my trains with him.")
  • Then that person sits down and the next person stands on the hearts, and on until everyone has had a chance. 

This was so fun, and really cute to hear what nice things the kids thought to say. I want to do this again, and maybe even record it, or write down what everyone says. :) Because doesn't it just brighten your day when someone says something nice about you? 

Awww......shucks! :)

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Ellie C said...

What a really great idea! So sweet AND so simple. (I love simple!)