April 25, 2012

File-Folder Games: Scrapbook Paper

Here is another fun, easy & inexpensive way you can make your own file-folder games for your kids:
Use Scrapbook Paper!


Here's what you do:
  1. Cut out simple shapes in different colors and patterns of scrapbook paper. (draw & cut out one shape and then use that one to trace the rest.)
  2. Glue or tape one set onto a file folder, and leave the other set for matching.
You are ALL DONE! This is a fun way to make file-folder games for different holidays. Just cut out a simple holiday shape using different festive paper! Here are a few I've made:

Heart Color Matching:

Heart Pattern Matching:

Heart Pattern Matching:

Pumpkin Matching:

And click below to see how I made this fun Four-Leaf Clover one!

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Jill@babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, Oh My! said...

i love how simple file folders can be to make! thanks for sharing! i will have to go out and get stickers and use my scrap paper for these great ideas!!!