Thursday, March 8, 2012

Good Luck BINGO!

Here's a quick way to create a fun BINGO game:

To create the Bingo game shown above, I used a pack of St. Patrick's Day stickers. The pack came with 6 identical sheets, so I used stickers from 3 sheets to create 3 boards, and 1 sheet to create the cards. 

First, I drew the BINGO grid on 3 sheets of cardstock, then placed the stickers inside each square.
Next, I cut out squares of cardstock and placed the same stickers I used on the boards on each one. 

I pulled out one card at a time and we each placed a lucky green coin (the same ones we used in our St. Patrick's Day Store activity) on the corresponding square. When someone got 4 in a row, they yelled, "BINGO!"

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

2 comments : said...

How fun!

Jamy said...

You are my hero!!!! I am ALWAYS trying to make my own bingo cards with clip art because I don't have a color printer. Then I have to color the pictures so they're not so boring. NEVER would have thought of this! Love love love it. Now to find some St. Patty's day stickers! =)