Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BIG FAT Rice Krispie KISS!

I saw this idea on pinterest to make a BIG FAT Hershey kiss out of rice krispie treats, by shaping them with a funnel and wrapping it up with tin-foil, like THIS.

A perfect combination of easy & brilliant.

However, I failed to find my funnel, which led to me shaping the hershey kiss by hand---which was really easy too! (When it got sticky, I just put some water on my hands). AND I was able to make my kiss even BIGGER than a funnel! And when it comes to both love and food, the bigger the better, I say.

We took it to Daddy today along with some other fun goodies, including THIS.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Anastasia@healthymamainfo.com said...

Oh how cute! Great idea!!!

Par 5 said...

Yes. The bigger the better--with all things food related. :) You're so good to do so much with your kids...

Oh, and yeah, we're having twins. That'll be two boys. Oh, don't panic...I'm already panicking enough for all...um 5 kids. 5. Yep, panic. ;)