November 16, 2011

Turkey Number Game

For this game, I drew a big fat turkey with 6 rectangle feathers. 
Each feather was a graph for numbers 1-6.
The boys took turns rolling a dice and LM (4) would mark on the "graph" which number was rolled.
We played until one of the numbers reached the top of the graph.

LM really liked this game and wanted to play it over and over. 
Luckily the turkey-graph is pretty easy to draw, so I made several. :)
Instead of marking an X in each box you could place a bean or something small so you can play again and again!


"The Kids Place" Home Daycare and Preschool said...

My daycare children love these graphing activities. Thanks for sharing... we just might have to give it a try!

Lessons from the Boys said...

Gotta love it!!!!! A new spin on an old favorite!!!!