July 18, 2011

Re-usable Book-o-Fun!

A while ago, I bought a big book of activities that LM could do. Included were Dot-to-Dots, Mazes, Word Finds, etc. 

I ripped some out the book and put them in sheet protectors and then placed them all in a folder. 
With a Dry-Erase marker, LM can do these puzzles over and over. 
It's one of his favorite quiet time activities lately.

And the best thing is that I can switch out the pages as often as we want!


Rob and Marseille said...

good idea!

Kim Chase said...

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

rahel said...

What a great idea. My daughter only just started to do these things and she loves it! Now I have an idea of re-using those sheets instead of printing all the time new ones... thanks!