Saturday, April 23, 2011

He Lives!

I cut these pictures of the Savior's last week and resurrection out an old issue of the Church's children's magazine, The Friend. I glued them onto card-stock and cut a little extra on the bottom to help the pictures stand up. 

For Easter, we are going to have our Family Home Evening be about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and use these pictures to teach.
 I love teaching my children about Jesus Christ. I have a strong testimony of the life, atonement, and resurrection of my Savior. It has brought me so much hope and a clearer perspective of my life here on earth. I know that because Christ rose from the dead, we will all live again. And we can be with our families forever. As a wife and mother, future grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt......I consider this the greatest knowledge that I possess.

Video: He lives!


Melissa said...

Beautiful! I love what you did.

MaryAnne said...

What a wonderful activity! Happy Easter!

The Doyles said...

I love it! Do you remember which issue of the Friend you found them in?

Mike & Lila Family said...

this is a wonderful testimony. hearts and hugs.