March 28, 2011


We read HAT, by Paul Hoppe this week. For our craft, we made our own hats!

What you need is:
  • Paper plate
  • Paper bowl
  • tape
  • stickers

First, I cut a whole in the plate big enough for the bottom of the bowl to fit through.
Then, I taped the bowl into place underneath with masking tape.
Next, the boys put stickers on.

My boys love putting on hats, so making their own big hats was a big hit!


Deborah said...

What a fun looking hat!

Mhairi said...

Have you seen "The Quangle-Wangle Hat" I think that is the right spelling - it is a silly book but you could use the hat again.
Just did a quick search -
There are some lovely illustrated versions around.

Little Family Fun said...


What a good idea! I just read the poem and it is so cute! :)