May 26, 2010

Stroller Strap

I got this fleece sweater for LM from a grab bag at a yardsale. It was just his size, and pretty cute. All except for the gaping hole in the left sleeve.

It could have gone straight to the trash can. But I've been in a recycling mood lately, and I thought to myself: "this is perfectly good fleece! I'm sure I can use this for something!"

A while ago, I saw an awesome idea over on Little Hands, Big Work  to make a Stroller Strap. So, with the fleece in hand, I made one. Fleece is an awesome material to work with, because you don't have to hem the edges. So, I just cut some strips out of the fleece, tied them together, and made a loop on the end.

I'm going to tie the other end onto LB's stroller. While we are walking in places that I don't want LM to run wild, I will have him hold onto the strap to stay close by me. We actually tried it out at the store yesterday and it worked pretty well. I love that it keeps him near and teaches him self-control without having to completely harness him.


Packer Family said...

We still use ours all the time! Yours turned out really cute!

Meghan said...

You are just so smart!

The Activity Mom said...

Great idea!

I just got a new "Featured on The Activity Mom" button. I've featured your heart activity, photo scavenger hunt, parking lot letters, and ABC book (all without coming across like a stalker I hope =)). If you'd like a button, feel free to grab the code from my blog.

Either way, thank you for such great posts and the inspiration!