Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Roll with it . . .

 Yes. I admit it. I, my husband, and our kids, sometimes eat fast food. Not because we don't know any better. But mostly because it's fast, and it's food.

But little did I realize that this particular visit to fast food land would result in hours of entertainment for LM. You see, not long after the food had been devoured, LM grabbed one of his little balls, put it into the french fry bag, which he then put into the food bag, which he then scrunched up, then thoroughly enjoyed dumping it back out and doing it over, and over, and over again. 

Best couple bucks I ever spent.

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jodee said...

Linda do you remember the french fry activity I made for preschool? I think LM would like it. You need 10 french fry boxes (McDonalds donated mine) and two or three yellow sponges (without green scrubby). Cut the sponges into strips to look like frys. Write the number 1 to 10 on the fry boxes and then he can count the fries (sponges) into the boxes with the numbers. My kids LOVE this one! Just give me credit if you post it! ha ha