Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1. Where to get coupons

First things first. Where does one actually GET the coupons that save so much money. Here are a few ways to get them:

Newspaper Coupons:
In each Sunday's Newspaper, there are anywhere from 1-3 or so inserts of coupons usually hidden within all the ads. The 3 pamphlets are Smart Source, Red Plum, and P&G. The more you have of each one, the more you can get and save. I usually try to get at least 5 of each week's coupons if I can. And more if they are available. Here are a few ways to try to get these inserts:
1. Ask around. Talk to family/friends/neighbors that get the Sunday paper but that probably just throw all the adds and coupons away. Ask them if you could get the coupons from them.
2. Subscribe to the paper. Some people even have several subscriptions to the Sunday paper so they get more inserts.
3. See if there are any stores in your area that sell the Sunday Paper at a discount. In our town, Kroger sells the Sunday paper on Mondays for only $1.00.

Printable Coupons:
(Note: I just barely got a printer, and therefore don't know too much about printing coupons yet.....I'll soon be learning more, so I'll share more later.) 
There are tons of coupons you can print from websites online. Most of these websites allow you to print only 2 coupons per computer. (I think you print, then click back and click on the coupon again.) Here are a couple websites to get you started:
Smart Source

Store Card Coupons:
There are websites that allow you to upload coupons directly onto your store card. These are only 1 per card, but come in handy. Here are a couple to get you started:

Store Coupons:
Something I was totally oblivious to before I started couponing was how many stores have coupons just sitting right there that you can use. Many times you find them at the entrance of the store. Sometimes you find them on displays for products throughout the store. Sometimes they are printable from the store's website. If you aren't sure if your store has any coupons, just ask!
***VERY IMPORTANT NOTE!: Store Coupons are especially valuable because you can "stack" a store coupon AND a manufacturer's coupon for the same product for extra savings!!! (More on this later.)

As you start out, you certainly don't have to get coupons from ALL these sources. Maybe just choose one or two to start with and go from there.

Now, go get some coupons!

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Alyssa Hoyt said...

OK, so I have questions for you. I have thought about using coupons, and understand that saving money is just as good as earning it, but it seems like the coupons I find are rarely for the things I buy (produce, grains, etc). I don't usually buy cereal, snacks, or other processed foods.

My other problem is that if the coupons are for the items I need, it seems like most of the time it is still a better deal to get the store brand instead of the name brand with the coupon.

Could you address your experience with this? Thanks!

Also, what store do you usually shop at? I have not seen store coupons for groceries at Kroger, which is where I usually shop. Am I looking in the wrong places?