April 21, 2010

Thank You for the Gift - Cards

After LM's Birthday, we made thank you cards for his friends and family who gave him gifts. We used those same finger paints with which he created that stunning parrot portrait. This time we cut up the dried paint pages into small rectangles.

Then we glued on 2 pieces of cardstock strips, and 2 small cardstock triangles for the bow on top. Then we wrote on the card and sent them to all the generous gift-givers!


Jannie said...

Thank you, Linda!! I LOVE this!! I actually had it on our agenda for preschool tomorrow to make a "thank you" card...this is much cuter than what I had planned so I am stealing the idea!! Thanks!

Jannie said...

Oh, and thanks again for the amazing organizational plan!! I put a little thing about it on my family blog - I bet you'll be helping even more people get more organized in life with your amazing ideas!

Jannie said...

Thanks for looking at my family blog...you were probably so confused what I was talking about before when I mentioned your binder because I had taken the post off temporally when you looked. Anyways, thanks!