March 1, 2010


We recently bought a new room sized rug to go in our living room since the floor is covered with tile. It came rolled up on a giant cardboard tube. I knew this tube held endless fun possibilities, and here is some of the fun it has brought to our humble abode.

We set it up against the couch, and raced cars down the tube. Here are some pictures of the fun:

This amount of fun makes you want to buy the rug just to get the tube! But in the case that you don't really need a rug, I'm sure you could try the same thing using wrapping paper rolls, or paper towel rolls. You could even tape some together to make your tube longer!


Jared and Emily said...

Linda! You are so stinkin' good at this stuff! I kept forgetting to add your new blog to my blog list so I had a lot to look through! Your such a creative good mom! Your kids are so lucky! Whenever I attempt any sort of craft it ends up in a zillion pieces before we are very far at all. I love all the ideas you have come up with and will definitly be snagging a bunch of them. Also I can't believe that Dallin is doing so well with Potty training! Joey still isn't all that into it... but I think I am more so to blame I am not very consistent. We love you guys lots!

The Activity Mom said...

We did this once too using a wrapping paper roll and small pom poms. Fun!
That tube is huge! There have got to be some other things you can do with it too once the car racing fun wears off. If anyone can come up with it, you can! I have a few posts coming up where I link back to you.

Jannie said...

Thanks! Great idea!

Ayn Colsh said...

It looks like they are having fun! I'm planning some similar activities later in the month to touch on forces and motion.