January 19, 2010

File Folder Games: Vehicle Matching

 So this one is similar to the Tractor puzzles, but with more variety. I got all these vehicle cards at the dollar store. It was a while ago, but I think that I got a package of 3 sets of cards: Vehicles Matching, Picture Matching, ABC picture matching. Anyways, so this was part of that dollar deal, and one of LM's favorite folder games. I have also used the other card sets to make more folder games and they will be shown soon.
Beep Beep!


Maggie & Nate said...

You are so creative & fun!!!

Tara said...

You think of great things!! I have those same cards but they just end up on the floor torn or lost. Way to think of a better way to use them. Do you tape or velcro the matching card or do you just keep them in a bag when you're not using them?

Little Family Fun said...

Hi Tara,

In the pictures, the cards that are already in the folder are taped in. (I used double stick tape...I LOVE that stuff!)
Then I outlined a card so that LM would know where to place the matching card. I had the idea to staple a plastic baggie to each folder with the matching cards in it, but haven't done it yet. Right now they just sit in the folder.