January 23, 2010

File Folder Games: Directions

 These cards came from another set of flashcards. These are directions, and I wasn't sure how well LM would be able to match them, but he pretty easily figured out how to match the arrows. And lately I've been sometimes saying "left & right" when we are walking or driving.....but he has a ways to go yet.


TheTamFam said...

To teach my Little directions, I sing this rhyme during diaper changes: Left leg, right leg, hot cross buns/Left leg, right leg, run, run, run! While saying l/r leg, I sweep my hands over his l/r legs at the appropriate time. And for "hot cross buns" I pat his feet together on his "buns." For run run run, of course I make his legs do the running motion.

I figure by the time he is potty trained, he might at least know his left and right legs?

NabihaW said...

I saw this post and thought' wow that's a great idea, I should make some flashcards for file folder game.' Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I already had the same set of flashcards! I've made the game and linked back to you here http://www.desertcrafter.blogspot.com/2012/04/file-folder-games.html

Thanks for the idea!