Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dec. 12 - Party time!

Though no crafts were made on December 12th, it was quite a fun-filled day anyway!

We had our cousins over all day for a little Christmas Party

Included in the day were the following activities:

  • Christmas Cookie Baking and Decorating
  • Pin the Nose on Rudolph (I just printed a picture of Rudloph off from the internet and cut out red circles for the nose. Easy, I tell ya.
  • Traveled to Bethlehem (which is surprisingly close when you have a car) where we walked through the markets of the city got to see what it was like at the time Jesus was born.
  • Came home and played Christmas BINGO (again, printed off the internet). I also added a last minute twist. Every time someone got a BINGO, I gave them a candy corn from a package I got for 90% off after Halloween. It was flavored like Carmel Apple, and each time they got a candy corn, they got a chance to try to guess what the flavor was. It took them a while, and a couple hints, but they got it! But I think they probably could have gotten it sooner......maybe they just wanted more candy!
  • Ate pizza and Danced to Christmas music.
  • Went on a Treasure Hunt to find where I hid their Christmas Presents. (This also was a last minute idea. Before they got there, I just went around and wrote the clues as I hid them.And the presents were cozy blankets that I bought on a killer sale for abt. $1.50 each! Can you tell I love bargains?)
  • Cozied up with the blankets and watched a movie.
So as you can see there was not a specific "craft" completed today. But with all the fun we had, I'd say it was worth about 4 crafts at least!!!

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