December 31, 2009

Crafty Christmas Countdown - In Review

All  in all, I'd say the Crafty Christmas Countdown was a success. Here's the breakdown:

The Good:
  • I loved having the excuse to sit down with LM everyday and create something together. Especially with a new baby in our midst, it some great one on one time. This was by far the best part of the Countdown!
  • I tried to make ornaments out of as many of our crafts as I could so that we could use them on our tree and have a good excuse to keep them until next year.
  • We got to be pretty creative. Which was really fun for both LM and I, and was a satisfactory result of me not having a plan for each day's craft.
  • LM really enjoyed making all these crafts. 
The Bad:
  • No matter what, Christmas time always seems to be accompanied with busy schedules. Some days, we were pretty rushed to get a craft done, and somedays we just had to put it off and do 2 crafts the next day! I didn't like feeling like it was just a chore to be done, but luckily MOST days were not like that.
  • I don't like clutter, and so I didn't particularly want to hang onto all the crafts we made. That is why I tried to make ornaments out of them so we had a good reason to keep them. Some we threw away at the end, and some we might keep.....and maybe throw away in July. At least I have pictures of all of them!
What I would do differently:
  • I did have the idea to take all our crafts that we didn't want to keep and go sing carols at a Nursing Home and give them to people there, like Christmas cards.....but we ran out of time! I think it would be a fun thing to do though. Make the crafts each day with that intention, or something similar.
  • If I had time to be more organized with it, I might look up craft ideas and mark the calendar so that I knew which ones were coming up, and could be a bit more prepared.
  • I would try to find craft ideas that were all simple and easy for someone LM's age to make. Most of ours were, but some I had to do quite a bit of the work.

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