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Kite Theme - Activities for Kids!

Here are the activities we did with our Kite-theme during out Preschool@Home.  Click a picture below to see that post. Or click HERE to see all these kite posts at once. :)

Moments That Matter Most

This video is so inspiring. I have been feeling, lately, the importance of giving more time and attention to the things that matter most to me --- i.e., my children, my family.
Each moment spent with our loved ones--big and small--matter and are such a blessing. :)

Spring Crafts & Activities for Kids!

Here are all the crafts & activities we've done for Spring over the past few years.
Click on a picture below to see that post. Or click HERE to see all these spring posts!

Easy Kite Craft for Kids!

Our final Kite-themed activity was making this easy kite craft! This was a joint effort by LB(3) AND LL(1) and myself.
How to make it: Out of a piece of white paper, cut out a kite shape.Let your child paint (we used watercolors) their kite however they desire (this was LB's job)

 Get out another piece of white paper and have your child paint it however they desire (this was LL's job, AND her very first time painting! She loved it.)

After the papers have dried, use a hole-punch to make a small hole in the bottom corner of the kite.Cut a long piece of yarn (however long you want it for the kite string), and tie it through the hole.

Out of the other sheet of painted paper, cut out 3 (or more) bow-shapes. Start at the top of the kite string and tie the yarn around each one, working your way down the string.

There you have it!


Kite Sizes - Activity for Preschoolers

Here is another quick and easy activity we did with our Kite theme! This is good to help young children learn about sizes as they sort the kites smallest to biggest. This was a cinch to make and LB(3) had fun with this one!

Prep Work: Using a piece of construction paper, cut out 5 rectangles of different sizes.Fold the rectangles in half, then in half again.Cut from one corner to the next, unfold and you've instantly got 5 kites! (pictures below):

 Draw lines on the kites from corner to make them look more kite-like. :)Get out 2 pieces of white paper.Trace each of the kites from smallest to biggest on the paper.Draw strings coming off each kite.

How to Play:

Lay out all the kites and the white pieces of paper. Ask your child to find the smallest kite and put it in it's place on the white paper.Then the next smallest, and next, etc.Then you can go backwards, biggest to smallest.


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Kite Math - Activity for Kids

Here is another activity we tried with our KITE theme. We just "added" a bit to the Kite Counting activity we already made. :) This is for the more advance preschoolers, and/or older kids. I did a few with LB(3), but he soon lost interest and just wanted to go back to counting.  That's ok. Something for later then. :)

Prep Work: Create the Kite Counting activity as described in the post shown above.Then cut out some cloud shapes using blue construction paper.On each shape, write a math problem that equals one of the numbers 1-5.

How to Play: Place one of the clouds on the paper.Say the problem with your child and have them place the number of bows on the string as shown in the problem:

Then have them put the kite on with the correct answer:

It was a good way to introduce addition to LB(3), and will come back to it as he gets older. :)


this post contains affiliate links