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Square Felt Farm Animals

(cow, duck, pig, chicken, dog, cat, horse)

I'm in love with felt, and decided to make some animals that we can use to sing Old MacDonald. I thought making them square would be cute. I think the chicken is my favorite.

If you want to make these, here is the basic low-down of what I did:

1. Cut squares out of felt. My squares are 3" x 3".
2. Cut out the eyes using black and white felt.
3. Cut out everything else the noses, beaks, ears, wings, legs, arms
4. Stitch on the eyes, noses, and beaks on one of the squares. Then stitch the smiles using black thread.
5. Put the 2 squares together and start stitching them together with a blanket stitch.
6. As you stitch, add in the arms, legs, wings, ears. 
7. Leave an opening and stuff the square with filling.
8. Close up the stitch and say "howdy!" to your new farm friend!!

The boys have had fun playing with these, and when we sing Old MacDonald, we put them in a bag and they take turns pulling one out as we sing each verse.


Those are SO cute! You are so creative! What a cool gift that would be in a barn decorated box. =)
These are adorable! They would make cute bean bags, too =)
Sela said…
Just found you from The Activity Mom. Your blog is awesome! We have a lot of the same ideas it looks like (esp. from reading about your home organization notebook). My little boy will especially go nuts about these felties, he's 19 months and just starting to make animal sounds :)
Stop by my blog if you get a chance:
I'm a new follower :)
famr_4evr said…
These are so great! Would have been so fun for our now 7 yo who LOVED anything farm related. I may try to princess it up for the girls who aren't that into animals. Thanks for sharing. Have felt, will craft!
DangGina said…

Interstingly enough, I think I like that cat best, although the chicken is a close second. :)
Kara said…
What cute cute cute animals!!! Love them all!
Packer Family said…
These would make the cutest bean bags!!!! So stickin cute!! Big eyed Kitty cat is my fave!!
Anonymous said…
Love these - what did you use for stuffing - could you turn them into bean-bags??
smallt0wngirl said…
Those are super cute! Thanks for sharing!
These are so adorable! Great job!
Totally cute! Kinda partial to the pig myself:@)
**Ashley P** said…
So cute!!!!!!! I love the horse! I might try these without sewing and all the felt I have accumulated.
newest follower! stop by mine soemtime!
Anonymous said…
So Cute! Love them.
oh my gosh! these are adorable!! i love them stuffed AND the idea of a bean bag. adoreable! i wish i had a craft space :( i may need your organization help with that
Karin @ madebyk said…
very very cute. won't work for what I was looking for (a felt donkey) but very very cute so I had to leave a note! And love the idea of using them while singing Old McD!
RosannaRox said…
I must have these; thanks for sharing!
Katey said…
What a great beginners sewing project!
These are wonderful!! Super cute and I think the kids will love them! Thanks for the nice idea!

Take care,
Miss Pippi said…
Adorable! Thanks for sharing!
These are super cute! Such a great project!
Anonymous said…
Made these as magnet pillows for my 1 yr olds birthday and she loves them! I used a glue gun and a super strong magnet on the inside so she can't get it off and choke. I also made a sheep and am currently working on turtle. Thanks again!

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