February 25, 2010

Homemade for Babies

While most of our activities & projects have been for LM, I thought I should do something for LB (4months). So, a while ago I made these Crinkly Tag Squares. I saw this idea on Little Hands, Big Work, who got it from Chasing Cheerios.  (Sorry I didn't take pictures as I was in the process of making these, but if you need a tutorial, you can check out those websites.)

LB is getting old enough that he is reaching for & grabbing things, and has had fun with these little squares.

With some extra material, I made a little Crinkly Snake. Just sewed the squares together, with a plastic grocery bag inside. (That's the crinkly part.)


DangGina said...

One day when I have children of my own, I'll be coming back to this site for all sorts of awesome ideas. You rock, Linda!

Kami@Nurturing the tender years said...

Very cute. :)

Wellspring Community School said...

A friend made one of these blankets for each of my kids when they were born, and they both loved them! My son is almost two and he still uses his as a bit of a security blanket, and also to tuck in his babies. What a great gift idea!

Michelle said...

What a great idea with the "crinkly" toys!! I would never have thought to put the grocery bag in the little snake toy. I have a baby starting in my home daycare in September, I can't wait to make these for him.
I am new to your blog, what great ideas you have. I look forward to reading about your Family Home Evenings, we can all use more ideas to keep connected to our children.

Wonder Mom said...

Just so fun- wish I knew how to sew!

safdar ali said...

this is nice. starting from a small project able the person to do something more and big. nice hobby.

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