Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb. 9 - Surprise: Heart Road

 Today was yet another Surprise heart from the Valentine's Tree.
So, I used an idea I saw a while ago on Muffin Tin Mom, and adapted it to Valentine's Day!

I used blue painter's tape to make a road --- shaped like a heart. 

LM had a fun time driving his cars around . . .

. . . and around. 

And when he was done using it as a road, he ran around the heart over and over while we sang "Ring around the Rosies."
A giant heart on the floor lends itself quite well to plenty of fun activities! 
I think we'll just leave it on the floor and see what else we can come up with.

Any other activity ideas for a giant heart on the floor? 
Please share!


Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom said...

I love how you did this. Since doing our initial activity, we pull out the painters tape often and I know my boy would just love this!

Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

Well let's see.. How about toss a beanbag in the heart and see who can land in the middle or make a bow and arrow and shoot arrows in the heart like cupid:)

Add a few valentine books inside the heart and a pillow and have a little valentine reading area!

Drea said...

You can do some pretend sumo wrestling (making sure he understands the rough housing does not leave that area). Or maybe a tug-o-war game?

The Activity Mom said...

oh how fun! I'm going to do this for sure! =)
What about jumping inside and outside the heart to work on that concept?
Go on a "red hunt" and put all of the red things you find inside the heart.
Go on a "H hunt" and put things that start with H inside the heart.

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

what fun! What boy wouldn't love that! What a cute idea! :)

Little Family Fun said...

These are such great ideas!!
I can't wait to try them out!

Brimful Curiosities said...

How about a variation of bocce ball? Put a car in middle of the heart. Then each player gets four cars (they'll need to roll and push easily on the carpet-we like the chunky Tonkas). Take turns trying to roll a car the closest to the first car in the center from a designated spot outside the heart. The person with the closest cars wins.

Little Family Fun said...

I love the bocce ball idea, Brimful Curiosities! TAnd perfect for my little boy who loves all things with wheels! Thanks!